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Oct 17

Plz help me story where khushi has a brother who is madhumati's step son..... And calls khushi as baby.... Madhumati tells pandit for khushi's rishta... So enraged she goes to mumbai.... Where she is the owner with her brother.... Later arnav also goes to mumbai to deal with same company as of khus

Jan 28

great post IPK admins - well done!!

Jan 27

and if you did not know the story name and author name too then give a post for help with some detail about the story then we hope some readers will post the story link in your post

Jan 27

Arshi dear enter the story name in Google custom search box see the right side of the page - thank you

Jan 27

But most of the times, I know only the story and not the author name or the story name.

Jan 27

thank u Med Super and V1184

Oct 27, 2016

Thank you Med Super and V1184 -