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Oct 8

Awesome update eagerly waiting for the Next update plZzzzzzzzz update fast don't delay but I don't understand one thing here who is in the third car which caused arnav accident

Oct 8

Fab update...after long struggle arshi patch up...update soon

Oct 8

Atlast khushi won the battle ......loved the update....plz update soon

Oct 8

Finally khushi closed Rudra's chapter, & this time it's forever, but what happened to arnav?, is he still dead, or did khushi change the past & saved his life?, I really hope that she did, I just wish that they'll both find a way to be together again & get their happily ever after, please continue

Oct 8

Finally the evil ended. but waiting for the return of arnav.

Sep 1

update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............

Jun 18

Wonderful update... Thrilling update... Hope kushi will be able to fight for her love... Eagerly waiting for ur next update... Thank uuuuuuuuuuuu

Jun 16

loved the update....eagerly waiting for the next

Jun 16

Nice update. will be eagerly waiting for the next part to see how they defeat the evil and join back together. Why is he hiding the fact that he will get back his life and be human again. If khushi knows she will be ecstatic about it, than why is he keeping the secret from her.

Jun 15

eagrly waiting next update

Apr 27

Wonderful update... Loved it.. Wondering about Arnav's secret surprise.. Waiting for ur next update eagerly.. Hope kushi kills that Rudra... Feeling bad for ur cousin.. But tell her If he is meant for her he will come back to her, and if he didn't she will get a better one for her... Thank uuuuuuuuu

Apr 27

What is arnav hiding from khushi, and why?, I'm so eager to know, feeling sorry for your cousin, I pray to Allah to heal her broken heart soon and gives her the best life partner out there, best of luck

Apr 26

Really felt goosebumps to read arnav and khushi in physical when he is in the spirit form. And how was that even possible. What is the secret he's hiding from her about him. So khushi is the one going to end rudra's chapter. Waiting for the moon day so that the evil will go away and arshi become one

Mar 24

Amazing update!!! So Arnav's soul made love to Khushi and caused her those marks, wow, mindblowing

Mar 23

amazing update..... very well written.... this story is just too good to explain.... and so much trilling..... waiting to read more....

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