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May 26

That was a very touching update,hope hopef arnav will help her heal

May 25

Poor khushi, it's so sad when someone hears such things from his/her mother, no wonder she has so much insecurities, hope that arnav's love heals her broken heart, one question, did khushi talk about her life with Vidyut in that session or was it just about her parents?, please continue

May 25

Super update dr thank you so much

May 25

Thank you for the update..

May 25

Thank you so much for the update.....Loved it.....waiting eagerly for the next....

May 25

Superb very eager for further updates. Please update soon

May 25

Beautiful and emotional one

May 25

loved it i hope khushi share with him

May 25

That was the shocking relevation , hope to get another update soon ,awesome update , cont soon dear

May 24

Pls update

May 22

I really love your story it has some lessons in it though sad but goof

May 22

Hi dear. The last update was wonderful and left us in a cliff hanger without knowing Kushi past. Hope Arshi become united after this. Ur writing too good.. . Pls continue. Awaiting ur awesome update

May 21

Thanks for the note and all the very best for ur exams

May 21

All d best for ur exams yaar . Eagerly waiting for the wednesday and for future updates

May 21

Do well in ua exams dr... n once it is finished we r hoping to get daily updates frm u,,,, coz v really can't wait to know her past n hw arnav tackles vidyut's problem

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