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Sep 14

Thank you for the last 2 updates.

Sep 12

It's good to see you back ... We were waiting for ur update...update when u have time ...

Sep 11

Welcome back dear, I missed your updates a lot, update was amazing, wonder how will arnav make khushi jealous, hope that he won't go overboard, eagerly waiting for next part, we completely understand your situation dear, so please don't stress yourself much and update whenever you can, take care

Sep 11

I am so glad dear , u just cant imaginethanks for the update

Sep 11

It's ok. Life can be hacktick a times. But for stress user writing is a good option. Will wait for your updates. Amd thankyou so much

Sep 11

Superb.will be waiting

Sep 11

Finally..u came back am super happy today thank u so much for updating hope u wiLlandudno get time for yourself

Sep 11

Please update ur other stories also

Sep 11

Nice update after a long time. Thought you discontinued the story. Missing ur story a lot. Update frequently if possible.

Sep 8

Please just tell us you are continuing this story or not.

Aug 29

Where are you dear?? We miss you lot plzz cont soon

Aug 26

Where are u,we miss u here

Aug 20

Please update soon.. We eagerly waiting for the nxt update

Aug 14

why didnt update dear, going to be 2 months

Aug 13

Where are you's been a month you have updated ur really big fan of your writing. .please update soon or please kindly inform us about your return...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxz

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