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Nov 26

?? where are you....? ??

Sep 5

Where are you dear? When are you doing to update? Is everything alright with you? Miss all your stories...

Aug 24

Please update waiting to read your stories

Jul 8

Aww arnav is so cute ... lovely update dear

Jul 4

Awesome update... Glad that they didn’t hide this karan matter from shashi... Arnav is cute.. Hope he will realise his feelings soon... Waiting for ur next update... Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Jul 3

Too many villains. Karan,Aman, payal... arnav is starting to fall for khushi now.... sashi wld b da happiest whn he comes know abt arshi. Hope khushi comes to knw abt Aman. Waiting for nxt updte. Thanks Di

Jul 2

Very nice update , Cont soon

Jul 2

Nice update continue soon

Jul 1

Khushi did the right, Karan should be punished for beating arnav for such a silly thing, just hope that this teach him a lesson instead of making him do something more harmful, arnav has to face two problems, Karan in one side & aman on the other, aman seems to be obsessed with khushi, it's scary

Jul 1

Loved the update

Jul 1

OMG. Arnav seems to be realising his feelings for Khushi. He is becoming possessive about khushi...Aman in this story is so different hmm so in love with Khushi.. it's getting interesting. Great update. Please continue

Jul 1

Superb update.. two jealous ppl..arnav was cute wen he did dt fake pain n also kushi with kareena.. thank u fr the update

Jul 1

Wonderful update. Loved it

Jun 30

Loved the update

Jun 30

Omg...its amazing dear... Aww... Arshi scenes are so lovely...

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