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an hour ago

Great, arnav realized aman's motive behind his aggressive behavior with him, this way he'll be able to protect khushi & tackle his any attempt to come between him & khushi, hope that shashi gives Karan the punishment that he deserves, what I fear is that aman & Karan might join hands against arnav

3 hours ago

Awesome update

8 hours ago

Loved the updates

10 hours ago

Wow!! Superb Updatte dear.. thank u...

14 hours ago

Wowww.....Aman is not good its a rare thing....

16 hours ago

Loved it... Update soon

17 hours ago

love triagle and aman is not a good boy seriously....eagerly waiting for next update

Jun 15

Totally a different concept.... loved it. Let's see what's next. Arnav got to know about Khushi love. What next. Will karan's deed come out?

Jun 14

Great update , u have magic in ur stories , plzz continue soon

Jun 14

Woww amazing...Aman as khushi's PA and best friend...finally he is spared from arnav's orders...

Jun 14

Wonderful update. Superb. Lovely’s statement about Arnav’s eyes was superb. Now that Arnav realizes kushi’s love wondering what will Arnav do. Will he behave rudely with her?? Aman is difficulty to guess. Hope karan will be caught soon. Waiting for ur next update... Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Jun 14

Nice update continue soon

Jun 14

Hope that the police finds the men who beat arnav and they reveal karan's involvement in arnav's attack, why do I feel that aman has feelings for khushi and that he's speaking against arnav out of jealousy?, what will arnav do now after realizing that khushi loves him? , will he start avoiding her?

Jun 14

Awesome update

Jun 14

Awesome update continue soon

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