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Nov 4

Arnav turned out to be such a romantic & loving guy, but I feel that soon he'll regret buying this palace for khushi when the scary part starts, I believe that khushi is the right person that the shadow spoke of, because he stayed where she was & it's her first visit to this place not arnav's

Nov 3

omg!! ... srsly plzz do continue soon.....waiting to know more

Nov 3

Superb.loved it.waiting for mystery

Nov 3

AMAZING update....plz update soon..... this mystery is just killing me...... Who is the right person and what connection does arshi share with it....these questions are not leaving my head.....hope they face all problems together....

Oct 16

Oh no, is the property arnav bought for khushi the same one where the couple in the beginning were mysteriously killed?, this is really, really bad, what will happen to them now?, will they face what that couple faced in that house?, hope that they'll be safe, please continue

Oct 15

Hey very nice! Do update frequently!! Mysteriously Delicious!!!

Oct 15

Nice update continue soon please update frequently if possible all ur stories

Oct 6

Nice update continue soon

Oct 1

Loved your take of the show, the way arnav confessed his love and proposed to her was so beautiful, but the last part saddened me, what bitterness and pain will they face?, hope that it won't be death or separation, eagerly waiting for next part, please continue

Sep 30

ASR passion and Arnav romance, both along with some mystery, some raaz. Loved the update

Sep 22

Amazing start, please continue soon.

Sep 22

Opening scene was similar to Arundhati movie

Sep 22

Its an Interesting strt.. pls continue soon

Sep 22

Amazing update.......really its pulling my interest to know the mystery.....waiting for your next update

Sep 22

woww interesting...plzz continue soon

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