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Dec 25

Please update

Dec 4

What the heck is wrong with this man?, why is he like this?, can't he act like a true father & give his son a chance to prove himself?, he's even judging khushi's character without knowing anything about her, hope that Arshi will succeed in opening his eyes to arnav's true value, please continue

Dec 1

oh wow wonderful update

Nov 28

amazing update...

Nov 28

Lovely update .

Nov 28

Hopefully arnav's dad doesn't say some nasty stuff to khushi...... Waiting for their Mumbai trip...Why don't arshi legally adopt aleena???

Nov 28

I'm sure that khushi will be able to make arnav's dad realize his mistakes and show him how he had always misunderstood and misjudged arnav, hopefully she'll be able to reunite them and help them share a healthy father and son relationship, please continue

Nov 26

Pls update......waiting eagerly

Nov 25

Oh this was such a heartfelt episode. I just loved it and yes! Zoya has been victimised and Aahil has been exposed! And what romance is happening between our lovebirds! Also a wonderful surprise that Zayn likes Zoya! Woo-hoo! Like Siddiqui Saab says another nikaah on the way!

Nov 24

Thank you sooo much for Zoyan.. Zoya&Zayn... Lovely

Nov 23

Wow read two updates in one go both are fantastic zoya's realization and aahil finally exposed and aahil deserve every punch he mixed poison in zoya's and Arnav's glass disgusting TYSM hope aahil done and zyan and zoya pair

Nov 23

Zoya proved to be a great friend by doing what's right, that's why Allah rewarded her with the sweet & loving Zayn, hopefully this will be the end of Aahil & the start of everyone's happy times, Aahil excluded of course, now they need to start working on fixing arnav's relationship with his dad

Nov 23

Ahil is exposed and disposed , I hope. Thank you for the update.

Nov 23

Wonderful update dear , hope arnav handles everything

Nov 22

beautiful update looking forward to more

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