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Mar 3, 2017

how to add categories tin posts. like except the 5-6 ones who appear in list. for eg i want to add a same post in kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

Nov 13, 2016

great post - thank you all

Feb 29, 2016

Hi Dear !! How R U !

Feb 23, 2016

how do i delete my account permanently?

Jun 11, 2014

i had followed your guide and iam still unavailable to add pics in myview

Jun 5, 2014

how to create a diary on med i cant i had requested for it but i cnt find it helpful plz help me

May 10, 2014

how to search for a particular member

May 10, 2014

How to view member's profile

Mar 10, 2014

i have an account but still i don see thank u button...why is it soo...or is it that i cant see it??? totally confused

Mar 6, 2014

hi dear i want to ask how can i find any ff

Jul 15, 2013

dear hw to get diary without writing stories cant we get diary jst by posting pics and videos

Jul 7, 2013

@Angel : Dear you are maybe clicking on 'Submit a new Myview' , Just go to your Story and click on 'Add to myView' -Hope that helps !

Jul 6, 2013

hi I want to know like I continue t\wo stories then how I mean aad my view will open recent sorry plzzzzzzzzzzzz help

Jul 6, 2013

@I_Luv_My_Style ..... click on the "Contact" button present at the end of the page....and send the admins a mail requesting for dairy... hope it helps !

May 9, 2013

Hey fellaas.. Help.. There is comment section other than this comment box.. How can we read the comments which people have left in the other section? Does it gets posted directly to FB?

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