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Jan 2

Hello Prachi. How are you? Wishing you a happy New Year. It would be lovely to see you back.

Sep 19

Hope you’re well Prachi....? Really missing this story

Aug 12

Sorry Prachi for your loss. I am sorry I missed your first message about your MIL's illness. I am sorry if I came over as uncaring .It is not easy to lose loved one. May she rest in peace. .

Jul 31

Sorry for loss. Take care we will be waiting for your come back

Jun 7

So sorry for your loss....will wait patiently until you’re ready x

Jun 6

So sorry for your loss . And update soon.

Jun 5

hey mother n law passed on 14 may, as she was very ill and was suffering from stage 4 cancer..i had just been busy with family situations...just getting back to routine life now..will resume in a weeks time from now..thanks

Jun 4

Knock! Knock! Prachi .How are you? Waiting for you to upload.

Jyoti pramendra raj
Jun 1

Plz plz plz update soon eagerly waiting for next

Jyoti pramendra raj
May 10

Awesome story eagerly waiting for next part

Apr 13

So very sorry to hear that. She is in my duaas xx

Apr 8

guys, my Mother in law has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which has spread all over her body, please pray for her.Give me time, once again my frame of mind has been shaken by a painful reality.

pls continue
Mar 31

Pls continue nice update

Mar 26

Please update next part

Mar 22

Hi when are you updating? I’m desperate to read on....plz plz no Arshi separation

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