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Saher Malik
Jan 19

And Khushi were left in Raizada Mansion. Arnav started wooing khushi and somehow surprised khushi by marrying her again. Khushi wanted to test Arnav so she asked for divorce on their wedding night. Please help if any of you guys know it.

Saher Malik
Jan 19

Hey I hope everyone is doing fine. Actually I want a link of story of Arshi. I only remember few things. The story starts from hospital where Arnav was talking to a doctor who was his friend and asking about Khushi's condition. Arnav got to know about Shyam. All moved to other city and only Arnav.

Jan 9

I'm not find this ff plz help me

Jan 9

Plz help me find this ff Arnav married muskan muskan dying in child birth saying sorry to Arnav and Arnav daughter name is khushi and khushi saying why Arnav you do this to me and leap payal is Aman sister khushi getting married to Aman plz someone help me find this ff i think i read in wattpad b

Nov 16

Guest - aadhya has started updating here again.... her story’s name is special intelligence team (SIT)

Nov 16

can someone give me aadhya’s writeups pls.she stopped writing here,if she has a blog n email ad pls give me

Apr 9

Arnav khushi had the usual love-hate chemistry.But Arnav was getting married to someoneelse.Then he wants to confront khushi about if she is okay with his marriage.But then Khushi gets to know that Arnav is in danger so she blames Arnav for ****ually harassing her.Arnav is shocked they get marr

Mar 30

Khushi loves someone else and marries arnav. Arnav has step mom and step sister & brothers who hate him. They just love his money. Arnsvs step mother orders maid to give rotten food to arnav. Guys plz help to find this ff. I think it is from indian forums.

Nov 13, 2017

Tatini - welcome back - you can share ur story on MED also. we miss you and your work!! god bless

Oct 24, 2017

Hey friends I am here in the forum after almost 4 years. Back then I used to write a story which was quite popular on this site. I had gotten a lot of requests to continue my story back then but was unable to due to my studies. After all these years, I have decided to continue my story in my blog

Oct 17, 2017

Plz help me story where khushi has a brother who is madhumati's step son..... And calls khushi as baby.... Madhumati tells pandit for khushi's rishta... So enraged she goes to mumbai.... Where she is the owner with her brother.... Later arnav also goes to mumbai to deal with same company as of khus

Feb 22, 2017

Find for me pls pls pls The story arnav kidnaps kushi for anjali killed by Khushi`s Brother Aman . Aman is city comisinar

Jan 9, 2017

On the left hand top of the page there is submit my view click there and fill all the option ( preview and Preview image URL are not compulsory to fill) write long view because short view may be created problem for posting - also you can use pics by links ending with JPEG or PNG tags...

Jan 9, 2017

@Shambhaviverma see the post For New Members/writers now is on the main page or see a another link

Jan 8, 2017

medsuper a big thanks for responding but the link is not working so could you all just help me out thank you

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